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Asakusa Personal Video /Photo Service

Asakusa e-photobook present

to all who send Contact Form.

If you are considering shooting video, 
please let us know your preferred date.

e-Photo Book
Best Photo Spots in Asakusa

Best Seller Award in 3 categories of Amazon
Rate 4.9 (Reviews 31, as of May ‘23)

About Service

About Sym Film’s Experience

We, Sym Film, shoot guests sightseeing in Asakusa and then provide personal travel videos and photos.

Memories of Asakusa with loved ones become your “property” by Sym Film.

Rather than sightseeing and ending it, 1 year later, 5 years later and even 10 years later, fresh memories every time you look back at videos and photos revives vividly.

And you are the hero/heroin of this short movie. Please fully enjoy the “joy of being videographed”.

What Sym Film provides

Sample Videos

Family (3min・Autumn)

  • Family guest from Philippine
  • 2 year old girl was so cute
  • Filmed and edited while thinking about how she would feel by watching this video 10 years later

One lady (3min・Winter)

  • Young lady guest from Bangladesh
  • There are may solo guests
  • The shooting was done early in the morning(9am) before Asakusa is crowded with lots of tourists.
  • Sym Film can arrange rental kimono for you. Kimono dressing is available even in the early morning shooting.

Couple (3min・Spring)

  • Couple guest from Switzerland
  • Commemorative trip to Japan for retirement
  • Asakusa is lit up at night, making it even more magical.
  • Rental kimono can be arranged even for night shooting.

Pre-Wedding Video

  • This plan includes fee of top class special kimono rental for men and women with dressing.
  • The shooting is done early in the morning(8am or 9am) before Asakusa is crowed with lots of tourists.
  • The reservation of this plan must be 2 weeks prior to the day of the video shooting.

Personal Travel Video No.1 Career

    ※Based on guest questionnaire result since Sep ‘22



Fun and memorable experience!
Me and my friend had such a fun experience doing a photoshoot in Asakusa with Aki-san and Naoto-san. They are very professional and they made it feel natural even though we are not used to being filmed.
The result is excellent and I will cherish this memory from Tokyo forever. I can highly recommend their services - both because it’s a fun thing to do but also because the film is such a treasure to have as a memory.

Semi 3


Well done
It was quite amazing experience for me to walk around Asakusa area in Kimono, Japanese traditional official wear, with my old friends, being taken in video film by highly skilled staff.
The video is excellent, as you can see on Sym Film’ site. They did great job !



Highly recommend this service
It was a very fun and special experience.
The videographer was fun, friendly and approachable and what is more very professional.

After seeing the video we are very happy and would like to go back and do it again with a whole family. We thought we knew Asakusa but after this experience we think we learned a lot.

Asakusa is our favorite place and after this experience, it has become our special place in Tokyo

It’s fun to share this video with our family in Hawaii and California. It is still fun to watch this video at home and makes us want to go back

P. Sung


Great and Amazing experience! I felt like a movie star! Thank you very much!
What an amazing, fun and great experience!

The film director, Akihito, is so experienced, friendly, kind, thoughtful and capable who provided me the outstanding video/photo shooting experience and services. He even assisted me to arrange traditional Japanese Rickshaw ride and assisted me to coordinate with Kimono store for Kimono rental services.

They provided me the outstanding services that beyond my expectations.During the video/photo shooting time, I felt myself like a movie star. I received the finished video/photos products soon after shooting, and I felt very satisfied. It was such an amazing and fun experience. I highly recommend Sym Film.

What you will obtain in future with travel video of Sym Film

1) Automatic Memories Reminder

There are 3 reasons why memories are left on video. First, the amount of information in videos overwhelms photos. Second, the video itself is a “well-organized album". So it's worth watching repeatedly. Third, the video has a strong story. And you are the hero/heroin of that story. Sym Film will resend your video with a "memories reminder email" on the anniversary one year so that you can look back on the memories automatically.

2) Timeless Video Message

We can insert your message to yourself and your loved ones in the end credits of the video. For example, "To my children 10 years from now". It's a timeless video message to your loved ones. Such a video is sure to be your "property".

3) Anyway Show Off to lots of people

The more times a video is viewed, the more valuable it is. Looking back on your own, not only that, but let a lot of people see it. And, not only on the Instagram, but at a house party or your child’s wedding. Or this year you may send the greeting card with video. I, myself, want to play videos at my funeral and have all the attendees see it

6 Features of our service

Reasonable Price

Videographer who can shoot and edit, and high efficient operation reduced cost.

Short Delivery

Within 48 hrs, while still your memories are fresh.

Flat Fee

To make it easy for family and group, the same rate will be charged for up to 6 people.

Rental Kimono

Arranging rental kimono reservation on behalf of you.

Photo Data Gift

Guests who choose a menu of 3 mins or longer will receive some photo data as a gift

English Available

An English-speaking videographer and/or guide will accompany you.

Partner Kimono Shops

If you would like to have a video shoot wearing a kimono,
We will guide you to our partner kimono rental shops.

Please feel free to contact us.

No compromise on quality
Even though the price is reasonalble

Professional Videographer

Award in the contest
“My Hometown 2021” hosted by Nori Ito
(Japanese Top Videographer)

First-Class Equipment

Sony Cinemaline Camera
DJI Gimble
High Performance microphone
2 cameras system

Familiarity with Asakusa

Published Asakusa e-photo book
”Best Seller Award in 3 categories” on Amazon
Rating 4.9, 31 reviews (as of May 2023)

Sym Film Publishment

Best Seller Award in 3 categories of Amazon
Rate 4.9 (Reviews 30, as of May ‘25)

Present of “Best Photo Spot in Asakusa”
to all who send Contact Form

Please utilize it as new type of guidebook of Asakusa

Aki Suyama,
representative of Sym Film,
is introduced in a magazine

Flow of Use


You don’t need to have decided to purchase immediately. Please feel free to contact us first.
Based on your contact, we will discuss the unclear points, schedule and kimono rental needs, etc.​

» Click here for inquiry form
» Click here to book immediately.

STEP2 Application / Payment

Once your reservation is confirmed by our e-mail, please make a payment before the day of the event. We accept major credit card companies as well as Google Pay.


Video Shooting

The meeting place is in front of Starbucks just next to Kaminarimon gate of Asakusa, Tokyo. We will shoot you sightseeing freely in Asakusa and Sensoji temple.

※At several points along the way, the videographer may ask you to pose.
※Shooting time is about 1.5 hrs.

Delivery of Completed Video

Delivered through the web link within 48 hrs after shooting. A link to download the video will be sent to your e-mail address which you provide.

If you post the completed video on social network and enjoy your fun memories over and over again, it is highly appreciated.

Price List

Standard plan

3 mins. video
¥ 50,000 (equivalent to US $322)
  • Horizontal video like vlog
  • Insert the names of the cast as end credits
  • Data of over 10 photos as a gift besides video

Premium plan

5 mins. video
¥ 60,000 (equivalent to US $387)
  • Horizontal video like vlog
  • Insert the names of the cast as end credits
  • Data of over 10 photos as a gift besides video



1 min. video
3 mins. video
¥ 70,000 (equivalent to US $451)
  • Includes a vertical 1-minute video



1 min. video
5 mins. video
¥ 80,000 (equivalent to US $516)
  • Includes a vertical 1-minute video

VIP Early Morning Option

All Asakusa for yourself
¥ +20,000 (equivalent to US $129)
  • Shooting starts at 8:00 in the morning, before Asakusa gets crowded.
  • Focus only on you in the morning silence
  • Possible more artistic video
  • Even if it is early morning, we can arrange the reservation for rental kimono shop.
    (Price is not including the fee of rental kimono)

Video Plan

(3min video)

「Top Class Rental Kimono」
+「Early Morning Dressing Service」
¥ 180,000 (equivalent to US $1161.3)
  • Collaboration with Vasara, the largest rental kimono shop
  • Top Class Rental Kimono(※1、※2、※3)
  • Including dressing fee from 7am
  • Shooting starts at 8am before Asakusa gets crowded
  • ※1 Rental kimono contents are as follows;
    Men:Crested Hakama
    Women:Furisode standard / Luxuary Hanten and collar /
    Hair Set / Hair decoration (1 option)

    ※2 The optional additions and upgrades of kimono is available
    by paying the difference fee.

    ※3 Regarding only Pre-Wedding Video Plan,
    the reservation must be at least 2 weeks prior to the day of the video shooting.
    And, Cancellation is possible up to 4 days in advance.
    If you cancel 3 days in advance, we will not be able to refund you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The shooting time will depend on how crowded Sensoji Temple is, but will take approximately two hours.

We will shoot from the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) of Sensoji Temple, through the Nakamise Street to
the main hall of the temple.

Therefore, the shooting time will vary depending on the length of time spent for sightseeing.

Regardless of the length of time you choose (1 minute, 3 minutes, or 5 minutes),
the tour will take approximately 1.5 hours while filming.

No, basically videographer concentrate on shooting. Of course, we can advise to simple questions such as restroom or shopping, etc.
As a rule, photographers will concentrate on shooting.
We can advise on restrooms and souvenirs.
Please cancel your reservation
once and make another reservation.
Cancellations can be made up
to 24 hours in advance.
Please check our cancellation policy
for details.
In order to ensure the quality of the finished video, the start time cannot be changed in principle.
Please consult with us in advance if you wish to make slight adjustments.
The appropriate number of people for video shooting is 1 to 6.

Video shooting is possible if it rains lightly. In case heavy rain is expected, we may contact you the day before to postpone or cancel the shooting.


Director & Videographer

Akihito Suyama

HobbyTravel Visited 64 countries
Experience of living abroadTotal 14 years

(London 4 years,
Istanbul 5 years,
Moscow 3 years,

Tehran 2 years)
LanguageEnglish / Turkish
/ Japanese
FamilyWife, Daughter
After traveling to over 60 countries around the world, I decided to start a service in Asakusa, Tokyo that I had always wished to be existed. It is “Private Travel Video Service.


Hirohito Yoshida


Hiro Takechiyo


Latest information is available on Instagram



My story

Start from
my own experience
of travel videos

Hi, I’m Aki (Sym Film), a videographer.

I have a wife and an 11-year-old daughter, and we often go on family trips. My happiest moments are during family trips.
Up until five years ago, my family trip memories were printed and organized in albums. A few times a year, the time to look back at the album was so much fun that I couldn’t help but grin.

However, with the increasing number of opportunities to take photos with cameras and smartphones, the amount of photos has become enormous, and it has gradually become troublesome to organize albums. While unorganized photos pile up on my smartphone or computer, I couldn’t even look back on my memories.  Then, I started to feel like my memories of my family trip would “deteriorate”, and that was stressful for me.  When planning the next family trip, the situation continued that it was difficult to get excited.

But, one day, I found a way to solve this problem.

Now, instead of letting the memories of family trips “deteriorate”, we are able to leave them as precious ”property”.

The answer is travel video.

By myself, I started making videos using video editing software, and I was able to notice the great benefit of leaving memories not only as “photos” but also as “videos”.

For example, when I travelled with my family to the Isle of Skye, Scotland, there is a “voice of my daughter when she was young” in the video. It’s a sweet voice that we can’t hear now that she is about to become a teenager. Also, what I felt on that trip is recorded at the end of the video in the form of “a message to my daughter 10 years from now.” I would be happy if my grown-up daughter someday sees this video and touches how I (farther) felt at the time.

Even now, I sometimes look back at the footage of that trip. Each time, the atmosphere of the Isle of Skye is revived. At the end of the year when we travelled, we sent a greeting card to a friend and acquaintance with that video, and I remember that many people were surprised at the greeting card that was sent with the video. 

In summary, 
①The amount of information contained in videos overwhelms photographs

② The video itself is a “well-organized album”

③ The story of the video makes us want to watch it again and again

④The video becomes a letter that transcends time

⑤ And the video will be a reason for many people to see it

This are the reasons why we should leave memories in the form of “videos” instead of just “photos”.

You may think that video editing by yourself is difficult, but don’t worry.  

You can also leave your memories of Asakusa in a professional video shooting.

The video will definitely become your “property”.

And then,

・Would you like to keep your memories fresh forever with videos that you want to watch over and over again?

・Why don’t you leave a message about your feelings during the trip to your loved ones 10 years from now?

・Would you like to send it along with a greeting card or play it at a home party so that many people can see how sightseeing in Asakusa is going?

Sym Film shoots are limited to two groups each day. 

Please feel free to contact us even if the schedule is not decided.